Kevin & Darcie James

A young couple living with the realities of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Kevin & Darcie were married in May of 2001 and six months later Darcie experienced her first severe MS episode. It was frightening and very confusing. After trips to the neurologist, several MRI's and a visit to the MS Centre at UBC in Vancouver, Darcie was diagnosed with MS. They were devastated and even more confused. Many questions were asked. What is MS? Will I get better? What can I do? Will I be in a wheelchair? Will I die? It took Kevin & Darcie two years and more episodes, some very severe leaving Darcie immobile, almost blind, and with severe vertigo before their questions were answered. Darcie finally found a medication that helped, but not without side effects.

The MS Centre Southern Vancouver Island Chapter was instrumental in helping Darcie & Kevin get the answers, therapy and treatment that they both needed. They are truly thankful to the MS Society for the reassurances and help they needed to overcome the overwhelming feelings they experienced.

After they dealt with the confusion and had begun to accept that their lives would be forever changed they wanted in some way to thank the Victoria and Duncan chapters for the assistance they had received. The only way they knew how to accomplish this was to raise funds for the Southern Vancouver Island Chapter so they can continue with their work in helping MS patients. Their other goal was to help the MS Society of Canada find a cure. Thus, the MS Kick for the Cure Marathon Soccer Game was formed. Over the last four years thanks to the support of the Vancouver Island Soccer family and the community of Vancouver Island over $170,000 has been raised. Not only has this outstanding sum of money been raised, but they have heightened the awareness of MS. Through this awareness Kevin and Darcie have also partnered with the Vancouver Island Golf Superintendent's Association and have raised an additional $175,000 for MS research and client services.

Yes Kevin & Darcie are living every day with the effects of MS, but they have chosen to be proactive in the fight against this disease and they are extremely grateful to all of you who have helped them to raise funds and awareness.